Accounting Fraud Expert in Revenue Recognition

Case Description:

An accounting fraud expert in revenue recognition was needed for a federal white collar criminal fraud case. At issue was whether there were improprieties in regard to sales revenue recognition, deferred revenue, accrued liabilities, and fraud in the defendants’ mergers and acquisitions program.

IMS was charged with locating an accounting fraud expert well versed in rules and regulations governing business combinations, and GAAP rules concerning revenue recognition from software sales. An accountant and auditor who understood extremely complex accounting schedules was sought to explain how companies recognize different types of revenue and to opine on common practices in mergers and acquisitions. An expert witness with great jury appeal and with prior experience testifying, both on behalf of regulatory agencies and on the defense side of similar criminal cases, was the target.

Experts Presented:

  • Accounting Expert

    This accounting fraud expert has over 40 years of accounting experience. He currently manages a financial consulting firm. Previously he was partner at a CPA firm where he worked with clients in the defendants’ industry, making him very familiar with industry standards for revenue recognition. He also served as director of quality and compliance. This expert participated in development of the SOP for software revenue recognition as a member of the AICPA Accounting Standards Executive Committee. An experienced expert witness, he’s offered deposition testimony more than 20 times and trial testimony on over a dozen occasions. IMS Reference #5015304

  • Accounting Expert

    The director of auditing for an accounting firm, this accounting fraud expert has more than 25 years of experience in accounting. He provides internal audit services to clients and manages his firm’s litigation support services. Previously he spent more than a dozen years as an auditor and consultant for Ernst & Young, where he participated in merger and acquisition activity. He’s offered accounting and auditing services to a number of software development firms. He’s an experienced expert witness who’s given testimony at deposition six times and at trial four times. IMS Reference #5015387

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