Actuarial Expert in Viaticals

Case Description:

An actuarial expert in viaticals was needed for a breach of contract suit. Defendant purchased a life insurance policy in a viatical settlement with the plaintiff, who had a terminal condition. Defendant based its viatical settlement on its own actuarial science. When the plaintiff outlived the actuarial estimates, defendant ceased to pay plaintiff's insurance premiums.

IMS ExpertServices was asked to locate an actuarial expert who could opine on the reasonable life expectancy of the plaintiff, based on medical history, and consult on the application of actuarial science to viatical settlements.

Experts Presented:

  • Actuarial Science Expert

    This expert is an independent actuarial consultant. Previously he spent over 20 years as Chief Actuary at one of the Big Four auditing firms, then directed an actuarial science program at a university. For his work at the auditing firm he oversaw the Insurance and Actuarial Consulting practice for the U.S., supervising a group of 100 actuarial science and insurance professionals who provided service to 400 clients. This actuarial expert has offered consulting services to many of the largest life insurance companies in the U.S. and internationally. He is familiar with viaticals through one of his current clients, a major underwriter of life settlements. IMS Reference #5027861

  • Statistical Modeling Expert

    This expert in actuarial science is a research scientist whose work focuses on development of statistical methods. His primary focus is the statistical modeling required for appropriate public health response to epidemic disease. He uses actuarial science and statistical methodologies in his work to forecast epidemic trends within specific populations. His actuarial expertise includes life expectancy predictions for patients suffering from the same disease as the plaintiff. IMS Reference #502810

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