Adsorption Expert in Activated Carbon

Case Description:

An adsorption expert with activated carbon expertise was needed to provide forensic analysis for a class action suit. The defendant produced an adsorption product that was sold to hunters claiming to eliminate human odor. The product contained activated carbon which allegedly created an adsorption barrier. Claimants asserted false advertising and other allegations.

IMS ExpertServices™ was asked to locate an expert in adsorption systems technology with an advanced degree in chemical engineering or a related discipline and experience in separations technology. The client required an expert in activated carbon to perform forensic analysis of the adsorption product and opine on claims of false advertising.

Experts Presented:

  • Chemical Engineering Expert

    This adsorption expert is a professor of chemical engineering who serves as a consultant to industry and government on separations technology. His research team conducts research on adsorption processes and their applications. His current projects include design of a system to remove carbon dioxide and trace contaminants via adsorption. He has published extensively on chemical engineering topics, particularly regarding adsorption. This expert earned his Ph.D. in chemical engineering and has experience as a chemical engineering expert witness. Additionally, he has access to excellent materials testing facilities. IMS Reference #5021400

  • Environmental Engineering Expert

    This adsorption expert specializes in activated carbon reactions and has over 30 years of experience as an environmental engineer, focusing primarily on water purification issues. He has published extensively on activated carbon treatment for taste and odor control. He has consulted with water utilities and industry on seperations technology for water treatment optimization and Safe Drinking Water Act compliance. This expert developed materials on activated carbon treatment for the National Academy of Sciences’ committee on safe drinking water. He has a Ph.D. in environmental engineering and has offered deposition and trial testimony on adsorption issues. IMS Reference #5021344

  • Adsorption Technology Expert

    This adsorption technology expert has over 20 years of experience in separations technology. He currently oversees product development for an environmental engineering company. He has successfully developed and launched activated carbon products. He has published and lectured extensively on activated carbon topics. His research laboratory is frequently used to perform forensic analysis and materials testing. He has overseen numerous forensic analysis projects. IMS Reference #5021308

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