Analytical Chemistry Expert in Materials Testing

Case Description:

An analytical chemistry expert in materials testing was required for a case alleging false advertising and misrepresentation. The plaintiff was a supplier of medical products and supplies to the dental, medical, chiropractic, veterinary, opti, wholesale and hospital fields. The defendant manufactured and distributed medical supplies and services to hospitals, physician offices and other clients. One of the defendant's products was therapuetic disposable latex exam gloves coated with aloe vera. Plaintiff alleged these disposable latex gloves did not contain an aloe vera coating as claimed.

IMS ExpertServices™ was asked to locate an analytical chemistry expert with access to a testing lab to conduct materials testing on the latex gloves. The specific aloe vera formulation allowed for the gloves to be dry when put on and the aloe vera coating to rehydrate while wearing. Therefore, an analytical chemistry expert was required to determine with accuracy the presence of the aloe vera coating.

Experts Presented:

  • Analytical Chemistry

    This analytical chemistry expert has over 15 years of experience encompassing a broad range of laboratory and supervisory responsibilities including analytical project development, industrial problem solving, materials testing, and physical characterization. His laboratory expertise includes polysaccharide staining, iodine testing, spectroscopy, chromatography, thermal analysis, and other forms of physical testing. This expert has performed chemical analysis to identify aloe vera on materials and had suggestions about testing methods that were most likely to meet with success for this project. He has prior litigation support and expert witness testimony experience.IMS Reference #4985289

  • Analytical Chemistry

    This expert in analytical chemistry is president of an independent contract chemical testing lab. His laboratory experience includes chemical analysis, materials testing, forensic analysis, deformulation, and identification of unknowns and contaminants. He has used his analytical chemistry expertise to perform medical device and equipment testing, plastic product liability testing, and patent analysis. This expert has previously performed materials testing of an aloe vera formulation including ultraviolet-visible spectrophotometry after treatment with iodine and gas chromatography with mass spectrometric detection. He is an experienced expert witness.IMS Reference #4985404

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