Antitrust Expert in Aftermarket Economics

Case Description:

An antitrust expert was sought to evaluate damages and liability with regard to the foreclosing of competition through improper patent leveraging. A patent infringement suit was brought by a patent holder against a manufacturer of aftermarket replacement parts. The replacement parts doctrine stated that a patent is not infringed upon if the patented device is designed with parts intended to wear out and be replaced.

IMS ExpertServices was asked to locate an antitrust expert in aftermarket economics with a knowledge of the replacement parts doctrine of patent law would consult on aftermarket products and services where original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and independent providers try to occupy the same markets.

Experts Presented:

  • Antitrust Economics

    This antitrust economics expert earned his Ph.D. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and specializes in antitrust economics and damages. He has broad experience analyzing a wide range of law and economics issues including intellectual property law and antitrust as well as ERISA expertise and employment discrimination litigation. His clients have included corporations, government agencies, industry associations, and individuals. He has expert witness testimony experience as an expert in federal and state courts. IMS Reference #4167709

  • Forensic Economics

    This foresnic economics expert has written books and articles on antitrust immunity in intellectual property as well as market strategy in proprietary aftermarkets. He is currently a professor of information economics at a large Midwestern university focusing largely on the Internet, advanced telecommunications technologies, and the economics of digital information content. Although he has no previous expert witness experience, his particular knowledge of aftermarket economics and their relationship to intellectual property make him a strong fit for this case. IMS Reference #4173851

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