Architectural Design Expert in Copyright Protections

Case Description:

An architectural design expert with knowledge of commercial architecture was needed for a misappropriation of trade secrets case involving copyrighted architectural design. Both parties were structural engineering firms. After several of its former employees became employed by the defendant, the plaintiff alleged copyright infringement of certain elements of its architectural design drawings, calculations and notes.

IMS ExpertServices was asked to find an architectural design expert to review construction plans for commercial projects. The expert would be asked to opine on the standard of care for architects and engineers in their design details and issues of copyright in regards to architectural design. An analysis of construction drawings to determine which portions were functional and which were expression was also required.

Experts Presented:

  • Architectural Copyright Expert

    This architectural copyright expert is a registered architect, general building contractor, and licensed attorney with 30 years of combined experience. He is very familiar with architectural design copyright issues, having written his J.D. thesis on copyright protections for architectural design and elements of architectural design such as technical drawings. He brings his architectural background and construction industry experience to his construction law practice. He previously owned and operated his own architectural design and construction firm and has previous expert witness experience. IMS Reference #4959404

  • Real Estate Litigation Expert

    This architectural design expert has a Bachelor of Architecture degree as well as his J.D. His expertise serves his legal clients, as the majority of his law practice consists of construction-related litigation. His architectural design and general contractor experience includes institutional, commercial, industrial, health care, and residential projects. This expert has performed extensive research in copyright law and has taken one copyright case to trial. IMS Reference #4964611

  • Structural Engineering Expert

    This structural engineering expert offers consulting, architectural design, and construction review services for small buildings and other structures. His expertise lies in understanding the standard of care of structural engineering, including questions of diligence, best judgment, responsibility, and integrity. This expert is a registered professional engineer and a licensed structural engineer in several states. He holds B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees in civil engineering. He has offered depositions and trial testimony on several matters concerning a structural engineer's standard of care, construction defects, or structural failures. IMS Reference #5013064

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