Auditing Software Expert in Telecom Billing Analysis

Case Description:

An auditing software expert specializing in telecommunications industry software for telecom billing analysis and auditing was needed for a case alleging copyright infringement. The parties both provided business intelligence solutions, including software programs for automated invoice review and auditing that were used in the telecom industry.

IMS ExpertServices was asked to present auditing software expertswith Java programming experience. Our client required an expert with experience writing software for the telecommunications industry who was familiar with telecom billing analysis and auditing standards. Familiarity with the idea vs. expression standard of copyright law as it is applied to software source code was also desired.

Experts Presented:

  • Software Development

    This software development expert has over 20 years of experience developing auditing software code for telecommunications and other industries. He is the principal of a management consulting firm specializing in computer software. He is the author of academic and professional articles on the software industry, telecommunications, and finance. This expert is the inventor of a patent covering voice communications. His expertise is evaluating software intellectual property including copyrights, trade secrets and software patent claims. He knows the idea vs. expression standard and is fluent in numerous software languages, including Java. IMS Reference #4975075

  • Telecommunications Technology

    This expert in telecommunications technology is president of a consulting firm specializing in telecommunications and IT security. He has an extensive background qualifying, implementing, and managing PBX and other voice telephony systems. He has taught classes on 3G wireless standards for government regulators in the U.S. and abroad. This expert holds a B.S. in systems engineering, an M.B.A, and an M.S. in telecommunications. He has coded in Java and worked on several projects requiring him to review Java code, including one for which his team developed a billing interface to bridge multiple telecommunications software systems. He is an experienced expert witness who has consulted on patent infringement matters. IMS Reference #5016128

  • Telecommunications Auditing

    This telecommunications auditing expert has extensive experience in billing systems and auditing software for the telecommunications sector. He has successfully planned and managed several major billing system software development projects. One of his projects as senior system analyst and programmer involved specing then overseeing development for enhancements to a billing system that integrated with over 40 different types of telecommunication systems. He has also updated a billing system from HTML. Perl and C to HTML, Java, and C++. In addition to his extensive experience with billing analysis and auditing software systems for telecommunications, this expert has strong interpersonal and analytic skills. IMS Reference #4998021

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