Automotive Design Expert in Aftermarket Parts Manufacturing

Case Description:

An automotive design expert was needed for design patent litigation involving aftermarket parts manufacturing. The plaintiff, one of the largest automobile manufacturers, was well-known for the distinctive styling of one of its sports coupes. The defendant was a manufacturer of aftermarket automotive parts. Plaintiff alleged the defendant infringed on patents covering the distinctive automotive design for certain components of one of its automobiles. The defendants claimed the distinction of the patented invention was merely ornamental design and it was functionally identical to other aftermarket parts.

IMS ExpertServices provided automotive design experts with experience in ornamental design in automobile parts manufacturing and familiarity with design patent standards.

Experts Presented:

  • Automotive Engineering

    This automotive design expert has 30 years of experience as an automotive engineer and a design educator. He has been employed by or consulted for all of the top auto manufacturers. This expert is very familiar with the product development process used by automobile manufacturers in automotive design and to produce distinctive automotive components and body styles. He has experience in the design of the exterior and interior forms of nearly all visible vehicle components and has designed aftermarket components for original equipment manufacturers, known as OEM companies, as well. IMS Reference #5039176

  • Automotive Industry

    This expert has more than 35 years of experience as a manufacturing engineer in the automotive industry. He worked for a major U.S. auto manufacturer for 33 years, including 17 years as chief design engineer for one of its car models. This expert was responsible for the design of many innovative automotive components including ornamental parts and body styles, transmission design, and ignition and antitheft components. He expert witness experience includes consulting on automotive design patent cases. IMS Reference #5036842

  • Automotive Design

    This automotive design expert is chief designer and owner of a company that specializes in custom conceptual car designs. He previously spent 14 years as a designer of aftermarket automotive components including accessories, body parts and wheels. He has designed automobile parts for a major OEM manufacturer. His past experience includes OEM aftermarket parts sales and as a consultant on car culture. This expert is familiar with all aspects of automotive design having designed award winning custom show cars. IMS Reference # 5039627

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