Automotive Financing Expert in Loan Amortization

Case Description:

An automotive financing expert with knowledge of loan amortization was needed for a class action alleging breach of contract. Plaintiffs purchased credit insurance when purchasing an automobile with the cost of the policy based on and included into the automotive financing. Claimants alleged that, due to loan amortization, early pay off of the loan should produce a refund on unearned premiums.

IMS ExpertServices was asked to locate automotive financing experts with knowledge of loan amortization and early loan payoff. The expert would review the terms of the automotive financing and opine on industry standards for credit insurance in automotive financing.

Experts Presented:

  • Automotive Financing Expert

    This automotive financing expert is widely recognized as a national authority in consumer vehicle leasing and automobile finance. He runs a financial services consultancy. He is a graduate of NYU's Leonard Stern School of Business and studied economics at the London School of Economics and Berkeley. This expert has consulted with automotive financing providers including Chase, General Motors, and Ford Auto Credit. He is quite familiar with concepts such as loan amortization and knowledgeable of industry standards regarding credit life insurance. IMS Reference #5011762

  • Banking Industry Procedures Expert

    This auto lending expert is a CPA who has spent much of his career in the banking industry. He has extensive experience in automotive financing, having been instrumental in growing auto lending operations for various employers. Working with purchasers of big ticket items, he has a thorough understanding of loan amortization and credit life insurance. This expert's prior experience includes being responsible for all financing operations of a high performing subprime auto lender. IMS Reference #5011755

  • Automotive Financing

    This expert in automotive financing has spent over 40 years in the automotive industry specializing in all aspects of dealer activities and consumer trends. He has extensive experience with auto financing, auto dealerships and auto retail contracts. Currently he owns his own automotive financing services company. Previously he founded a subprime auto financing company and a company specializing in auto receivables, and owned a new car dealership. He has prior experience serving as an expert witness. IMS Reference #2556970

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