Aviation Security Expert in Threat Assessment

Case Description:

An aviation security expert in threat assessment was needed for a suit alleging slander and false imprisonment. Plaintiff was an airline employee authorized to carry a firearm, under certain circumstances, to provide aviation security. Plaintiff had appeared upset when boarding a flight, prompting a manager to call the Transportation Security Administration. Plaintiff was detained, questioned, and searched to determine if he was a threat.

IMS ExpertServices sought an aviation security expert experienced in threat assessment who was knowledgeable about responding to perceived potential security risks. The expert was needed to consult on aviation industry standards for security, Transportation Security Administration regulations, and airline industry protocols for threat assessment.

Experts Presented:

  • Aviation Security

    This V.P. of Operations at an aviation security firm is an expert in general security principles and in both commercial and general aviation security. He started his aviation security career as senior loss and theft manager at a major commercial airline, where he developed security procedures and analyzed loss trends in commmerical aviation. He is an advocate for corporate aviation security who is quoted frequently by the media on airport security topics. This aviation security expert has a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and is knowledgeable about all aspects of security matters including pre-board and checked baggage screening, security profiling and threat assessment, and ground security training. IMS Reference #5003131

  • Aviation Security

    After a distinguished 22-year career with the Secret Service, this aviation security expert serves as an expert consultant on security management and threat assessment to the international aviation industry, specializing in operational and technical issues involving security. He has published and lectured extensively on aviation security issues. After retiring from the Secret Service this expert served as security director for a major commercial airline, where his duties included management of passenger and baggage screening protocols and threat assessment training for an airline serving more than 200 cities. IMS Reference #5003092

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