Banking Procedures Expert in Check Processing

Case Description:

A banking procedures expert was sought for an economic damages case involving banking industry procedures for automated check processing. The expert was needed to consult on electronic banking processes at operations centers where a check's MICRA letters are scanned and the resulting account debiting and crediting occurs automatically. This automated check processing is driven by the enormous check volume of any large banking firm which renders impractical manual sight review of large numbers of checks.

IMS ExpertServices was asked to locate an expert in banking procedures. The expert was requested to elaborate on banking standards for accuracy in check processing.

Experts Presented:

  • Bank Operations

    This expert in banking procedures has more than 29 years of bank operations experience including as a banker, consultant and expert witness. During that time he held positions as a senior officer at several financial institutions, responsible for data processing, bank operations, cash management and branch administration. He has written numerous banking policies and procedures relative to funds transfers, NOW and DDA account processing and the Bank Secrecy Act, which includes compliance with Know Your Customer regulations. IMS Reference #1216987

  • Bank Operations

    This bank operations expert is retired from the Federal Reserve and has written and lectured extensively on banking law. He is currently a consultant on litigation, transactional and regulatory matters in the areas of banking and payments law. He is considered an expert on check processing rules and forgery, including liability for checks with forged drawer signatures. He was instrumental in drafting many of the Federal Reserve’s Regulations that deal with banking procedures for check handling. He received his Bachelor of Arts and Juris Doctor degrees from Stanford University. He is an experience expert witness and has previous economic damages litigation experience. IMS Reference #1555508

  • Payment Systems

    This banking procedures expert is the nation’s top authority on protections against check fraud, and is the author of a leading casebook on payment systems. He also authored numerous articles concerning payments law and other areas of commercial transactions. He is a Professor of Law at New York University School of Law. This expert is an experienced banking expert witness and consultant in matters including the use of fraudulent negotiable instruments. His expertise includes commercial law, local government law, payment systems and credit instruments, and municipal debt finance. IMS Reference #1555589

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