Barcode Scanner Expert with Optics Knowledge

Case Description:

A barcode scanner expert was sought for a patent infringement case between barcode scanning equipment manufacturers. Claimants alleged that defendant's products utilized proprietary technology gained via a standing cross licensing agreement that covered handheld barcode scanning equipment, including laser scanners and CCD readers. The defendant claimed changes in the product meant the cross licensing agreement no longer applied.

IMS ExpertServices was asked to locate an expert in barcode scanner technology who understood how the optics technology was being implemented by manufacturers and could opine on infringement. An expert who had been granted patents in barcode technology was desired.

Experts Presented:

  • Barcode Technology

    A veteran of the barcode scanner industry, this expert has more than 19 years of hands-on barcode technology experience. He was actively associated with manufacturing, design, research, and product management related to barcode scanning products. He is a registered patent agent with an excellent understanding of claims, means disclosure, enablement, best mode, etc. He is an experienced expert witness on patent infringement issues. He holds multiple patents relating to barcodes. IMS Reference #1751959

  • Optics

    This expert in barcode scanner technology holds a Ph.D. in Optics and a B.S. in Optical Engineering. He holds numerous patents involving optical reading systems and barcode scanning technology. He has been recognized for his achievements by such organizations as the Optical Society of America and the National Academy of Science. This expert has previous patent infringement case experience working on similar barcode technology matters. IMS Reference #2673560

  • Barcode Scanner

    This barcode scanner expert has over 26 years of experience developing and implementing automated inspection, measurement, and control systems for barcode scanners and optical readers. His efforts focus primarily on non-contact inspection throughout the electro-magnetic spectrum, from visible light to infrared, ultraviolet, and NIR. He has a wide range of experience in the industrial electronics industry, including manufacturing, robotic vision, control systems, non-contact inspection and machine development. He has evaluated the use of OCR, OCV, ICR, 1-D, and 2-D barcode technologies, and knows manufacturers and integrators of this equipment. IMS Reference #1726556

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