Billing Systems Expert in Wireless Telecommunications

Case Description:

A billing systems expert with experience working with wireless telecommunications providers was requested for litigation alleging extortion, fraud, breach of contract, and breach of fiduciary duty. The plaintiff provided wireless telecommunications services under an affiliate agreement with one of the nation's largest cellular service providers. Specific to the case was a demand that the plaintiff convert from its existing wireless internet interface and network billing systems to ones controlled by the defendant.

IMS ExpertServices was charged with locating a billing systems expert to consult on the terms of the affiliate agreement and the billing systems interface. The expert was expected to have a strong background in the development and implementation of billing systems, especially for telecommunications services providers.

Experts Presented:

  • Billing Systems

    This billing systems expert has 30 years of experience in telecommunications billing, financial operations, and software development. His vast experience encompasses the design and implementation of telecommunications systems, billing and collections operations, technology architecture for internet and web integration, and wireless technologies including 2.5G, 3G GSM, and UMTS. He has firsthand knowledge of affiliate agreements and contract service providers as well as new feature integration. The expert has expert witness experience involving competitive conduct in the wireless telecommunications industry. IMS Reference #4564873

  • Telecommunications Technology

    This billing systems expert draws his knowledge from a broad background in telecommunications technology, data warehousing, data mining, decision support systems, information services consulting and systems integration. He is considered an expert on advanced telecommunications systems and design and has worked extensively in research and development for the leaders in the telecommunications industry. He can easily address the technical difficulties and expense involved in the development of a wireless internet interface for network billing systems access. This expert holds a Ph.D. in Applied Statistics and an M.A. in Statistics. IMS Reference #4979395

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