Biomedical Engineer for Balloon Catheter Infringement Case

Case Description:

A biomedical engineer was sought for a patent infringement case involving balloon dilation catheters. Both parties were major players in the healthcare industry heavily invested in biomedical engineering device-based medical therapies, primarily for cardiac surgery and vascular procedures. Claimants alleged infringement based on the design and shape of their balloon dilation catheter. A biomedical engineer was requested to consult on similarities in design and to opine as to the state of the art in biomedical engineering and cardiovascular devices.

IMS ExpertServices was asked to locate biomedical engineers with mechanical / biomedical fluids backgrounds and with specific experience with blood flow and/or medical devices as they relate to the technology of balloon dilation catheters. As an expert biomedical engineer, the client sought an expert to perform a forensic analysis and testify as to similarities and distinctions in engineering aspects to other biomedical devices.

Experts Presented:

  • Medical Device Engineering Expert

    This biomedical engineer has enjoyed a successful career in medical device engineering spanning over two decades and including principal and senior positions at Schneider USA and Johnson & Johnson. A highly regarded biomedical engineer, his experience includes catheter systems, electromechanical controllers, and ophthalmic and cardiac implant devices used in various interventional cardiology, interventional neuroradiology, oncology, and urology areas. In his current position he oversees a team of biomedical engineers developing medical devices in cardiology, oncology, and emergency medicine. He is an experienced expert witness who has provided testimony in depositions with regard to patent infringement and validity. IMS Reference #4383336

  • Medical Device Engineering Expert

    This biomedical engineer has over 40 years of diverse engineering experience. He is president of an engineering consulting and design firm that provides services to companies in the medical and consumer product markets. His work as a biomedical engineer has included research, development, design, manufacturing, and management activities in the medical device, packaging, and other industries. He has served as an expert witness in proceedings related to engineering, medical devices, consumer products, and patent infringement. He has provided forensic analysis, declarations, depositions, and reports as an expert in biomedical engineering and has testified in federal courts three times in patent infringement disputes. IMS Reference #4996044

  • Biomedical Engineering Expert

    With over 20 years of technical, clinical and business management experience in medical devices and technologies, this biomedical engineer is an experienced medical device and catheter designer. He is highly regarded within the medical device industry as brilliant biomedical engineer and is listed as an inventor multiple patents associated with medical devices and surgical methods. He holds a master's degree in mechanical engineering and a doctorate degree in bioengineering. He has served as an expert witness and is experienced in the development and protection of intellectual property, patent review, and infringement analysis. IMS Reference #5003433

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