Biotech Valuation Expert for Insurance Settlement Case

Case Description:

A biotech valuation expert was needed to evaluate the loss of medical research and tissue samples in an insurance settlement case. A large biomedical research facility suffered significant losses in a natural disaster, including a tumor bank containing biotech samples of various types of cancer for medical research. In addition to damages and losses to buildings, structures, and equipment, the organization suffered the suspension and disruption of its biotechnology research projects.

To determine comparable losses, IMS ExpertServices was instructed to locate an expert in biotech valuation for a company on the verge of going public in the biotech research industry. The expert would be required to review documents and rebut the plaintiff’s expert’s valuation of the biotech tumor bank that was lost.

Experts Presented:

  • Biotech Valuation

    This biotech valuation expert has followed and invested in the biotech industry, for over a decade. He has held positions including senior biotech analyst, a biotech investment banker/venture capitalist, and as an investment advisor. He has spoken at local and international conferences on a variety of investment topics and is the author of a number of financial articles. This expert holds a Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and an MBA in Finance. IMS Reference #4175954

  • Venture Capital

    This biotech valuation expert has over twenty years experience in investment banking, venture capital and corporate management, specializing in pharmaceutical, biotechnology and healthcare companies. This expert works with companies to develop financial strategies to secure capital and resources necessary to meet their business objectives. His firm's services to corporate and investment clients include: valuation assessments, due diligence investigations, expert testimony, valuation opinions, and investment counseling. His educational background includes a B.S., an MBA, and an M.S. in Chemical Engineering. IMS Reference #4177477

  • Biotech Ventures

    This biotech ventures expert is the director of a boutique investment bank focused exclusively on the life sciences industry, biotechnology, specialty pharmaceuticals and medical devices. In addition to raising capital for and providing financial advisory services to life science companies with respect to mergers, acquisitions and corporate partnering transactions, they often provide valuations and opinions. This expert has extensive experience in advising clients on, performing research on and investing in the life sciences industry. He is routinely required to form judgments as to the value of public and private companies in connection with capital raising and merger transactions, particularly to early-stage life science companies. IMS Reference #4293028

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