Business Accounting Expert for Malfeasance Case

Case Description:

A business accounting expert experienced in business valuations of closely held companies was needed for a case involving allegations of malfeasance. The plaintiff was a corporation that bid on government contracts for environmental remediation. Defendant was the former CEO. Plaintiff accused the defendant of malfeasance in office including transferring assets to a subsidiary without compensation. Defendant counterclaimed that the plaintiff was attempting to take control of the subsidiary, of which the defendant was the majority shareholder.

IMS ExpertServices was asked to locate a business accounting expert with knowledge of the accounting practices of closely held businesses and of businesses that work under government contract in environmental remediation. Our client was looking for an expert with experience specifically in the Pacific Northwest.

Experts Presented:

  • Forensic Accounting

    This business accounting expert has extensive experience in business valuations and forensic accounting. He is a CPA, a Certified Valuation Analyst, and a Certified Forensic Financial Analyst. This expert is familiar with both the environmental remediation industry has provided accounting services and valuations to Pacific Northwest businesses. He has acted as an expert witness on accounting and valuation cases involving claims of breach of fiduciary duty and misappropriation of assets. IMS Reference #2567100

  • Business Valuation

    This business accounting expert is a principal with a nationally recognized company that offers business valuations, economic analysis, and other accounting services. He has deep business valuation experience across a number of industries. Working with clients in environmental remediation has provided him with familiarity with business accounting and valuation practices within the industry. He has offered business accounting expert witness consulting on a number of cases, including several in the Pacific Northwest. IMS Reference #2584629

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