Business Intelligence Expert in Project Management

Case Description:

A business intelligence expert in project management was needed for an arbitration involving the construction of a high speed rail project. Several international corporations joined together to form a multi-national consortium for construction of the transportation project. After completion of the project the members of the consortium sought arbitration for unpaid project costs and other damages.

IMS ExpertServices was asked to locate an expert in business intelligence software with experience in project management for transportation industry implementations. The cost level reports were generated by SAP project management systems tailored to the project. Business intelligence experts with specific SAP project management systems experience were requested to review the cost reports for accuracy and to consult on the methodologies of the report preparation.

Experts Presented:

  • Project Management

    This business intelligence expert is a new product development and enterprise project management professional with over 15 years of national and international experience. A majority of his experience has been spent in analyzing and consulting to various industry vertical clients including Aerospace and Defense, Energy, Manufacturing, and Transportation. He has more than 5 years experience with SAP and understands many of the challenges underlying data entry, costing and reporting from SAP modules. He is an experienced expert witness. IMS Reference #1216562

  • Business Intelligence Software

    This expert in business intelligence software is a specialist in SAP FI/CO with deep experience in modules such as account design, inter-company transfer and project management systems among others. He has spent many years focusing on SAP implementations, most often troubleshooting hidden or confusing SAP functions. His experience with multi-national projects includes telecommunications and transportation construction endeavors. Using a Plain English approach he teaches business intelligence courses including official SAP courses. This expert holds an MBA in Information Management. IMS Reference #1998225

  • Business Intelligence

    This business intelligence expert has worked in IT for more than 10 years, specializing in SAP for more than five years. He is deeply experienced in most SAP modules and is a featured speaker for SAP on FI/CO issues as well as “tricks and traps”. He has implemented SAP modules for project accounting for multinational projects in the service, manufacturing, distribution, and high-technology industries. This expert is an author and frequent presenter on business intelligence systems and enterprise software. IMS Reference #1997825

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