Call Center Operations Expert in e-Commerce Customer Support

Case Description:

A call center operations expert with experience in e-Commerce customer support was needed for a bankruptcy case. The parties entered into an oral agreement in which the defendant agreed to support the plaintiff’s online customers by responding to customer support tickets in exchange for 2% to 3% of the value of the supported accounts. Afterward the SEC charged the plaintiff with offering fraudulent securities by running ponzi schemes on the internet. The SEC shut down the plaintiff’s business and appointed a receiver. The plaintiff claimed the defendant’s compensation was based on fictitious profits from the ponzi scheme, and therefore was fully recoverable.

IMS ExpertServices located a call center operations expert with experience managing e-Commerce customer support to opine on the industry standard for compensation for support such as the defendant provided to the plaintiff’s online customers.

Experts Presented:

  • Call Center Operations Expert

    This expert in call center operations has ten years of experience implementing customer service automation products. He has developed workflow procedures for multichannel call centers handling customer requests via phone, online chat, and email. He’s trained cross platform teams to implement web based solutions, cutting response time and improving customer satisfaction. This expert has developed email auto response products and other customer service content. He’s managed call center teams at AT&T and eMusic. He specializes in problem solving for customers who are downloading large files from the internet. IMS Reference #5023361

  • e-Commerce Customer Support

    This e-Commerce customer support expert is president and CEO of a company that offers web-based customer service tools for e-Commerce clients. Previously he held IT, business development, software development, support, sales and operations roles for a number of other companies. He has developed a number of solutions and enhancements to enable email teams in a multichannel call center to provide better email support. These developments include transparent queueing, auto threaded emails, assigning emails like tickets, SSL support for email, canned message management, and safely viewing attachments. IMS Reference #5023673

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