Casino Gaming Technology Expert in Slot Machine Software

Case Description:

A casino gaming technology expert with slot machine software knowledge was needed for patent infringement litigation. The plaintiff alleged the defendant infringed on a patent covering technology associated with random event generation in slot machines.

IMS ExpertServices was asked to locate a slot machine software expert with significant knowledge of casino gaming technology dating back to 1985. The expert needed to be familiar with how the industry uses computer software to program random events. Our client required a candidate who understood gaming machines and random event generation from a mechanical, electrical, and software code perspective.

Experts Presented:

  • Casino Industry Expert

    This software development engineer has more than 15 years of experience programming for the casino gaming industry. He has programmed a PC-based true slot machine, analysis programs for different online casino games, and other programs using random number generator software. This expert has worked with regulators at the Nevada Gaming Control Board and the New Jersey Casino Control Commission. He is familiar with many patents relating to gaming and slot machine technology.IMS Reference #5029910

  • Casino Industry Expert

    This casino gaming technology expert has extensive experience developing, converting, and retrofitting slot machines for the gaming industry. For almost 20 years, starting in 1980, he was CEO of a gaming equipment manufacturer, distributor and operator. He’s been retained to examine micro-controlled games by the Nevada Gaming Control Board. He’s written assembly language software and designed hardware for reel type slot machines and helped develop a real time accounting system that monitors slot machine transactions.IMS Reference #5023626

  • Theoretical Mathematics Expert

    This random event programmer was a pioneer in the development of mega jackpot slot machines. Using conceptual reels and a random number generator, he increased the number of possible combinations on a slot machine reel without increasing the number or size of the reels, options that are unpopular with slot players. The virtual reels are then mapped back onto physical reels. This expert is a theoretical mathematician who also has extensive engineering experience designing and implementing products in digital systems and telecommunications.IMS Reference #5030267

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