Civil Engineering Expert in Construction Management

Case Description:

A civil engineering expert in construction management was sought for a fraud investigation involving public works buildings and construction projects in a major municipality. Claimants alleged the defendant failed to follow budgeting and cost control procedures and inflated material costs and other factors for economic gain.

IMS ExpertServices™ was asked to locate an expert in civil engineering with a strong background in structural engineering and construction management to review construction projects and provide estimates of material costs and timelines. The client requested an expert with experience working with large municipalities and on public works projects such as tunnels and bridges. Additionally, experience with forensic engineering in an urban environment was considered valuable in this expert.

Experts Presented:

  • Civil Engineering

    This civil engineering expert is president of an engineering and environmental services firm. He has been involved in large public works projects such as the New York Museum of Modern Art and the Guggenheim Museum and transit lines including elevated trains and subways stations. He is also an adjunct professor teaching classes in engineering. This expert is a registered Professional Engineer who holds advanced degrees in Civil Engineering from Rutgers University. IMS Reference #5001133

  • Structural Engineering

    This expert in civil engineering has over 25 years of experience in structural engineering, including experience with buildings, bridges, tunnels, and industrial structures in residential, commercial, and public works projects. He has extensive experience with construction management and estimating and cost control. Currently he provides consulting and forensic engineering services for attorneys and insurance companies in the fields of civil, structural and geotechnical engineering, with a primary focus on structural integrity and on-site safety and accident prevention. IMS Reference #5001113

  • Civil and Environmental Engineering

    This expert in civil engineering has worked in engineering and construction for over 20 years. His experience covers a broad range of engineering and environmental responsibilities, including building and safety code compliance, construction and project management, design inspection and evaluation, repairs and restoration, general building construction, forensic engineering, and cost estimating. He is a licensed Professional Engineer and a New York State Certified Code Enforcement Official. He is also a Registered Professional Industrial Hygienist, a Certified Environmental Inspector, a Certified Planner, and a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers and other professional organizations. IMS Reference #5001126

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