Clinical Nutrition Expert Specializing in Lipids

Case Description:

A clinical nutrition expert specializing in lipids was needed for a patent infringement dispute involving lipid biotechnology designed to improve cholesterol ratios. Plaintiffs claimed that manufacturing, sale, and importation into the U.S of certain cookie products by numerous national and global food manufacturing corporations infringed on patents relating to certain oil blends.

IMS ExpertServices was asked to locate a clinical nutrition expert specializing in lipids with expertise in the study of fats and cholesterol, with experience conducting clinical trials which study fat composition and lipids in food. This expert was asked to opine on fat composition and the clinical benefits of ingesting certain food products. This expert was also requested to have a Ph.D. or M.D. and experience at a national nutrition research center.

Experts Presented:

  • Clinical Nutrition

    Currently, this expert is a professor of medicine within a health and science university’s division of cardiovascular medicine where he also serves as the director of cardiovascular metabolic risk treatment programs. He has served as a consultant and advisor to the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and a number of major companies involved in production and marketing of nutrition products. He has also authored numerous scientific publications on topics related to nutrition intervention including a landmark publication related to a controlled method to monitor diets in patients. He holds an M.D. from an international school of medicine and is a member of a number of professional associations, including the National Lipid Association, the American Society for Clinical Nutrition, and the National Lipid Association. IMS Reference #5058370

  • Lipid Metabolism

    This expert currently serves as an associate professor at a state university and has conducted nearly two decades of research focused on dietary effects on cholesterol metabolism, resulting in over one hundred scientific publications. His has experience in research on the effects of low carbohydrate diets, specifically relating to metabolism and cardiovascular health. This expert commonly uses diet and exercise interventions as well as sophisticated cellular techniques to further understand changes in metabolism, inflammation, vascular function, and endocrine adaptations. He has doctoral level training in lipid and lipoprotein metabolism, holding a B.S. in dietetics, an M.S. in exercise science, and a Ph.D. in kinesiology. IMS Reference #5107508.

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