Cognitive Psychology Expert in Gambling Behaviors

Case Description:

IMS ExpertServices sought a cognitive psychology expert for an economic damages case involving electronic gambling machines and electronic casino gaming devices, such as electronic slot machines and video poker machines. The plaintiffs claimed the devices are designed, marketed, and promoted to imply that the machines possess the characteristics and randomness of their mechanical counterparts as games of chance. In reality, electronic gambling machines and electronic casino gaming devices operate pursuant to computer programs and do not replicate the random and unpredictable nature of their non-electronic counterparts.

A forensic psychology expert was needed to consult on the cognitive psychology used to promote and encourage gambling via electronic gaming machines, also known as EGMs. Cognitive psychology is the school of psychology that examines internal mental processes such as the interpretation of visual images, patterns, and symbols.

Experts Presented:

  • Cognitive Psychology

    This cognitive psychology expert is a forensic psychologist who is focused on research involving examining the consequences of self perceived personal luck (i.e., feeling lucky) on pathological gambling behavior. He is currently researching the cognitive psychology involved in gambling addiction via the perception of a near win. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Alberta. This expert is frequently asked to speak on cognitive psychology and has presented conferences on the psychology of luck and gambling addiction. IMS Reference #4987031

  • Forensic Psychology

    This expert in forensic psychology has served more than twenty years as the Director of the Forensic Behavioral Sciences Group at a University School of Medicine. The major research orientation during his tenure there was cognitive behavioral therapy. He is exceptionally familiar with the psychology of gambling behaviors, having began his work in the horse racing industry. He established a program which aims to foster and provide guidance for employee assistance programs that emphasize treatment of addictive disorders throughout the gambling industry. He is certified as a gambling disorders counselor by the National Council on Problem Gambling and by the American Compulsive Gambling Counselor Certification Board. His Master's and Doctorate in Psychology are from the University of Louisville. IMS Reference #4987083

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