Computer Equipment Expert in Refurbished Equipment Sales

Case Description:

A computer equipment expert in refurbished equipment was needed for a contract dispute to be heard before the American Arbitration Association. The parties entered into a general services agreement under which the claimant provided services including deinstallation of computer hardware and other equipment, redeployment of designated hardware, repair/reconfiguration, disposal of valueless hardware, and making refurbished hardware available for resale. Claimant alleged the respondent failed to pay for services rendered. Respondent countered that the claimant did not get fair market value for refurbished equipment it bundled and resold in bulk.

IMS ExpertServices™ was charged with locating a computer equipment expert experienced with the resale of refurbished equipment such as PCs, laptops, routers, servers, keyboards, speakers, and mice bundled together and sold in bulk.

Experts Presented:

  • Computer Equipment

    This computer equipment expert has 20 years of experience in PC sales and resales. He is president of an e-waste disposal company that purchases retired computer equipment from large companies, then refurbishes the equipment for redeployment. He offers a suite of services similar to the claimant's to several very large clients, with the result that he is very familiar with the wholesale and retail values and depreciation standards for used computer equipment. He has received computer sales and technical training from an array of industry leaders including IBM, Compaq, Sun, Cisco, and Novell. IMS Reference #4980089

  • Computer Equipment

    This computer equipment expert has 10 years of experience in computer equipment liquidation services. She assists clients who need to redeploy hardware because of downsizing, going out of business, or in situations where a company wants to upgrade entire computer systems. She has overseen liquidations for companies wanting to resell PC computer parts, notebooks, Apple computers and parts, and networking equipment. She has bought and sold refurbished equipment for large and small businesses from around the world, as well as Fortune 100 companies. She is familiar with the claimant's presence in the marketplace. IMS Reference #4980153

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