Consumer Behavior Expert in Marketing and Advertising

Case Description:

A consumer behavior expert was needed for a class action claiming a misrepresentation of health risks associated with light cigarettes. The plaintiff class of consumers claimed that the manufacturer, through its advertising and marketing of light cigarettes, created a consumer misperception that light cigarettes were less risky or safer to smoke.

IMS ExpertServices was asked to locate an expert in consumer behavior to evaluate consumer opinion surveys and determine any correlation between consumers’ perceptions and consumer behaviors specifically in response to advertising and marketing.

Experts Presented:

  • Consumer Psychology

    This consumer behavior expert holds a Ph.D. in Social Psychology and has been recognized by his peers for outstanding contributions to the field of consumer psychology. He is a member in good standing of the American Psychological Association, Association for Consumer Research, and Society for Consumer Psychology. He has published over 150 articles and six books. He has played a lead role in conducting over 500 consumer marketing and advertising studies and provided testimony in more than 100 matters. IMS Reference #2320923

  • Consumer Behavior

    This expert in consumer behavior is a Professor of Marketing and a former editor of the Journal of Consumer Research and the Journal of Consumer Psychology. His primary research interests include marketing research and consumer behavior. He is a member of the American Marketing Association, Association for Consumer Research, Society for Marketing Advances, and Society for Consumer Psychology. He has been widely published and has extensive experience in data analysis of consumer behavior research. IMS Reference #2338620

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