Consumer Credit Expert in Real Estate Financing

Case Description:

A consumer credit expert in real estate financing was needed for a mortgage lending negligence and fraud case. A mortgage lending company sought to recover economic damages incurred when the defendants obtained real estate financing fraudulently based on omissions on their consumer credit report.

IMS ExpertServices presented consumer credit experts with specific experience working with credit bureaus and consumer credit reporting requirements. The expert was needed to address issues of consumer credit industry standard of care. The consumer credit expert for this case had to be capable of explaining the regulatory responsibilities of real estate financing institutions in the reporting of mortgage accounts.

Experts Presented:

  • Consumer Credit

    This consumer credit expert has spent the last two decades working in the consumer credit industry. He is a nationally recognized expert on credit reporting, credit scoring, and identity theft. He possesses an understanding of the inner workings of credit bureaus, credit reports, reporting practices, bureau capabilities, and FICO score design and development. He is an active consumer credit expert witness who has been engaged on multiple assignments during the past several years. Most of his engagements have settled after he submitted his expert report.

  • Credit Reporting

    This consumer credit expert works with the National Credit Reporting Association, a national trade association that represents credit reporting companies serving the mortgage lending industry. Having provided testimony before Congress and representing the consumer credit industry to many government agencies, he is a widely recognized representative within the credit reporting industry. Additionally, he works extensively with mortgage lending and real estate financing associations across the country. He is frequently asked to speak on the interpretation of consumer credit information.

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