Copyright Dispute Expert in Textbook Publishing

Case Description:

A copyright dispute expert in the academic publishing industry was sought to evaluate economic damages for a breach of contract case. The plaintiff was the author of a medical textbook widely used in medical schools. The defendant entered into an agreement to publish the textbook but subsequently notified the author of its intention to cease to publish the textbook and recall remaining copies.

IMS ExpertServices was asked to locate a copyright dispute expert with a background in textbook publishing who could opine on economic damages resulting from defendant's refusal to transfer and assign the textbook's copyright back to the plaintiff in a timely manner. The plaintiff alleged the defendant wrongfully retained copyright in order to market its own product.

Experts Presented:

  • Printing & Publishing Expert

    This copyright dispute expert is a media professional and consultant to the printing and publishing industry. With a long career in educational publishing and experience working for McGraw-Hill, he has firsthand experience in copyright assignment and can easily opine on economic damages from unlawful interference. He has held editorial positions in both book and magazine publishing. He has additional experience in media buying. He is an experienced expert witness and has worked on previous litigation involving book publishing. IMS Reference #5056311

  • Professional Publishing Expert

    With over twenty-five years of experience in professional publishing, this copyright dispute expert's experience spans all areas of publishing including textbook publishing and academic reference products. He is an accomplished speaker who has presented for the Association of American Publishers and the Publisher's Marketing Association. This expert earned his master's degree in English and his MBA in management. As an expert witness, this authority on copyright disputes has given testimony in deposition but all of his engagements have settled prior to trial. IMS Reference #5009630

  • Professional Publishing Expert

    This copyright dispute expert has worked extensively with both authors and publishers in her role as a publishing consultant. Specializing in manufacturing, print production, and production management, she has an in-depth understanding of publishing contracts and the publishing market. She has held executive positions with publishing giants Random House and McGraw-Hill. This expert has previously given deposition testimony and clearly understands the copyright dispute at issue. IMS Reference #5009712

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