Corporate Management Expert in pre-Sarbanes Oxley Case

Case Description:

An expert in corporate management was needed for a pre-Sarbanes Oxley class action case involving various plaintiffs verses a bankrupt telecommunications giant and its officers, directors, auditor, investment banker, and others. This case involved fraud and other charges related to the defendant’s bankruptcy.

IMS ExpertServices was asked to locate a corporate management expert who could explain the corporate governance role of a board and audit committee member and opine on the lack of red flags that appeared in board meeting minutes, audit committee reports, and other documents. This expert needs to have first hand experience as a board member of a Fortune 500 corporation and understand how a board of directors and an internal audit department functions in a pre-Sarbanes Oxley environment.

Experts Presented:

  • Corporate Strategy Expert

    This corporate strategy expert has nearly 30 years of experience serving in chief management positions. In her various roles such as CEO and chairman, she focuses on corporate strategies involving corporate governance, restructuring, board auditing, and bankruptcy. This expert currently functions as the president and CEO of her own consultancy firm, and her other areas of specialization include crisis management, liquidity issues, leadership changes, and federal investigations. IMS Reference #4879179

  • Corporate Management

    This corporate management expert is the chairman of a Fortune 500 economics, finance, and business consulting firm. He developed and executed its growth strategy to become a global consulting entity. Consulting with businesses, law firms, accounting firms, and governments, he has advised over 75 firms and companies worldwide. He is an economic and financial analyst on strategies for market and demand forecasting, policy, and technology management. With a Doctorate in Business Administration, he taught courses at Harvard for over a decade. He has written numerous scholarly publications on corporate management. He has expert witness qualifications in economic litigation and regulation support. IMS Reference #4882725

  • Corporate Leadership Expert

    This expert in corporate leadership is the author of a best-seller that provides corporate management with a view of the changes affecting business and the tools needed for effective execution. His exemplary career includes serving as the turnaround CEO for two premier publicly traded companies. His work was pivotal in developing and executing financial restructuring and strategic workout plans to shepherd the companies through mergers and other crises to Fortune 500 success. He actively serves on the board of directors for numerous corporations and is an advisor to CEOs on crisis management and company performance. IMS Reference #4871818

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