Cost Estimation Expert in Hurricane Reconstruction

Case Description:

A cost estimation expert was needed for a contract dispute involving hurricane reconstruction costs. The plaintiff was a property development and management firm. When some of its properties sustained damage in a hurricane, plaintiff contracted with an environmental consulting firm to perform hurricane remediation of the properties. After reviewing invoices, plaintiff alleged their fees were unreasonable and that the defendant was guilty of gouging and unjust enrichment.

IMS ExpertServices was asked to locate construction cost estimation experts with extensive experience in hurricane reconstruction. An expert who could opine on reasonable and customary costs associated with hurricane remediation was required.

Experts Presented:

  •  Construction Management Expert

    This construction management expert is the regional director of a large project management and construction consultancy. He has years of experience in reconstruction and litigation support services for clients requiring hurricane remediation. This expert and his teams have performed damage assessments, reconstruction cost estimations, and project management for hurricane remediation construction projects. He has worked as a cost estimator providing hurricane damage assessments for FEMA and other clients regarding hospitals, hotels, multifamily housing projects, and other commercial and residential properties. IMS Reference #4994753

  • Cost Estimation Expert

    This cost estimation expert has more than 23 years of experience in construction consulting and cost estimation services. He is a certified professional estimator who leads a team that specializes in all areas of commercial construction and reconstruction. He has determined fair and reasonable reconstruction costs on projects for federal agencies, municipalities and property management companies across the country. This expert cost estimator has consulted for FEMA on hurricane remediation, providing technical assistance, cost estimates, and engineering review. He has served as an expert witness for litigation regarding disaster remediation and reconstruction costs on several occasions. IMS Reference #499439

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