Credit Card Marketing Expert in Merchant Relations

Case Description:

A credit card marketing expert in merchant relations was needed for an antitrust case. The parties were providers of consumer credit cards and other financial services. Plaintiff alleged the defendant violated the Sherman Act and limited plaintiff's ability to compete in the consumer credit card and debit card market.

IMS ExpertServices was asked to locate experts in credit card marketing with knowledge of merchant relations within the banking industry. An expert who understood the processes of issuing credit cards, marketing them to consumers, developing merchant relations, and other sales and marketing aspects of the credit card industry was required for this case.

Experts Presented:

  • Merchant Services Expert

    This merchant services expert has held several executive management positions in credit card marketing. Her experience encompasses acquisition of merchants as well as of individual and corporate credit card memberships. She managed direct mail and telemarketing campaigns as well as bank licensing programs for the expansion of a merchant acceptance network. She has repositioned credit card products to gain cardholders in a competitive market. In addition to her expertise in the credit card industry, this expert has used her operational management and marketing skills to consult for civic and community organizations. IMS Reference #5019017

  • Credit Card Marketing Expert

    This credit card marketing expert has more than 12 years of experience in the credit card industry. His experience encompasses customer service, quality assurance, and marketing, where he performed statistical analysis of marketing data. He worked on acquisition and retention projects to identify and develop new credit card markets. This expert helped his employer enter a new market with the launch of a debit card product. He has set metrics, collected, and analyzed data for consumer customer satisfaction and performance of marketing initiatives. IMS Reference #501765

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