Credit Card Processing Expert in Risk Assessment

Case Description:

A credit card processing expert with risk assessment experience was needed for a breach of contract case. The plaintiff served as the merchant bank for an airline whose primary account was held by the defendant, a community bank. When the airline announced it was discontinuing services and canceled flights, the plaintiff refunded ticket purchases. The plaintiff found there were significantly fewer funds in the airline's primary account than expected. Plaintiff claimed the defendant did not manage the airline's ACH transfers from customer credit card purchases correctly. The defendant countered it was the plaintiff's obligation as the merchant bank to properly underwrite and monitor the airline's customer transactions.

IMS ExpertServices was asked to locate a credit card processing expert with experience performing risk assessment in transaction processing arrangements. Knowledge of underwriting and monitoring processes in the banking industry was desired.

Experts Presented:

  • Commercial Banking Expert

    This expert in commercial banking has spent more than 25 years consulting to the financial industry in areas such as ecommerce and internet banking, cash management, credit card processing, ATM services and systems, home banking, and check processing. He began his career in bank operations at Citibank. Later he worked with wire transfers and electronic funds transfers. This expert is very familiar with banking regulations regarding wire transfer procedures, and has written a book on electronic banking. He is a sought-after speaker and has been published extensively in major banking magazines. IMS Reference #1218418

  • Credit Card Expert

    This credit card expert has more than 25 years of experience in the financial services and payment industries. She has broad experience in project management, product development, processing partner selection, operations and business strategy. In addition to credit cards, she specializes approval methods and other payment systems. This expert has experience in both the issuing and acquiring sides of the credit card industry. Her clients include credit card issuers, third party processors, and industry associations. IMS Reference # 5005514

  • Credit Card Processing Expert

    This credit card processing expert is director of a firm that consults for the credit card industry. He has significant knowledge of the relationships between merchant banks and the airline industry. He has managed implementation projects for credit card issuers, card associations, and airlines. This expert is well versed in the credit card industry's requirements relevant to the airline industry and the processing of airline charges, and familiar with merchant bank issues regarding credit card processing. He is an experienced expert witness. IMS Reference #5005317

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