Credit Card Securitization Expert in Due Diligence

Case Description:

A credit card securitization expert in due diligence was needed for an action alleging fraudulent inducement and breach of fiduciary duty. The plaintiff was a national commercial bank. The defendant was a collector of accounts receivable and nonperforming loans arising from credit card transactions. The defendant securitized charged off credit card receivables and sold the notes to the plaintiff. When the defendant filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, plaintiff alleged the defendant failed to disclose certain information during the due diligence process for the note transaction, resulting in breach of fiduciary duty, and made construction trust claims against the funds it had invested.

IMS ExpertServices was asked to locate credit card securitization experts with knowledge of due diligence standards for large commercial banks, for the securitization industry, and for the credit card industry.

Experts Presented:

  • Securitization Expert

    This credit card securitization expert is president of a company that acquires and sells charged off credit card debt and other consumer debt. She holds an M.B.A. and NASD Series 6 and Series 63 licenses. Her previous experience includes serving as CEO of a firm that offered financial services to both public and private entities, and directing funds management for a regional brokerage house's investment banker. She is a recognized expert in the charged-off credit card receivables product and is familiar with due diligence practices for the investment banking, securitization, and credit card industries. IMS Reference #1991635

  • Due Diligence Expert

    This due diligence expert is a partner in the financial services practice at one of the Big Four auditing firms. He has significant experience with credit risk management, regulatory compliance, transaction process reviews and due diligence. He developed a due diligence approach for evaluating accounts receivable pools as part of securitization. This expert regularly consults on the structuring of securitizations and portfolio acquisitions. He has experience identifying and quantifying regulatory violations within consumer loan portfolios to assist clients in regulatory compliance. IMS Reference #199064

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