Credit Enhancement Expert in Securitized Loans

Case Description:

A credit enhancement expert was needed for a loan fraud case. The plaintiff was an insurance company who issued credit risk insurance policies to provide coverage for loan defaults associated with student loans. The defendants allegedly falsified monthly service reports to receive millions of dollars in fees and interest on tuition loans covered by the plaintiff's credit enhancement products. At issue was if the plaintiff followed normal and customary insurance industry practices and due diligence while issuing and monitoring credit enhancement insurance policies.

IMS ExpertServices presented the following credit enhancement experts with securitization experience. The client sought a credit enhancement expert with experience in policy underwriting to opine on insurance industry standards and practices in underwriting and required due diligence.

Experts Presented:

  • Asset Backed Securities

    This credit enhancement expert has written extensively on credit securitization. Her expertise is in the analysis of financial asset securitization transactions. She has extensive consulting experience in mortgage and asset-backed securities, frequently addressing issues of credit enhancement. With a Ph.D. in Economics, this expert is a Professor of Finance who teaches securitization classes, explaining the structure and mechanics of internal and external credit enhancement to her students. IMS Reference #5012227

  • Securitization

    This expert in credit enhancement has worked as a securitization consultant for many institutions involved in the asset-backed securities and mortgage market. He has a Ph.D. in Economics and has designed and taught several finance courses in securitization and financial management. He is also an accomplished author and presenter, having written at length on credit enhancement and securitization. IMS Reference #5053060

  • Risk Management

    This credit enhancement expert is an expert in the fields of insurance economics and financial risk management. Currently a professor at the Wharton School of Business, much of his coursework addresses the topics of operational risk in insurance and banking. Additionally, he has been published extensively in insurance industry journals on credit enhancement products. This expert has previously provided expert testimony in securitization litigation. IMS Reference #5012298

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