Data Communications Expert in Modem Technology

Case Description:

A data communications expert was needed for a patent infringement case involving traditional telephone modems. The patents covered the integrated circuit design used in telecommunications and networking equipment. The chips function as digital signal processors, the data communications technology which translates the data received by the modem.

IMS ExpertServices was asked to locate an expert in data communications technology with a solid background in research and development, specifically in product development of telephone modems. The expert needed to be knowledgeable of current research in integrated circuit design as it applies to data communications technology.

Experts Presented:

  • Data Communications

    This expert in data communications technology is a recognized international expert in the field of data communications. He has been successfully developing new products in the data and data communication industry for over 20 years including wireless networks, cable modems, and home networking products. He currently works as a consultant to product development organizations and technology investors in the telecommunications and data communications industry. He holds a number of patents and earned a Master's degree in computer engineering. IMS Reference #3290679

  • Data Communication Technology

    his data communications technology expert has over twenty years experience in electrical engineering and is a co-inventor of data communications technology in telephone modems. He is quite familiar with advances in integrated circuit design in data communications devices and is fluent in the digital signal processing technology involved. He has led research teams in the development of digital hardware including high-speed data communication devices for wireless applications. He is a patent holder in the technology as well. IMS Reference #3297836

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