Database Management Software Expert for Forensic Source Code Analysis

Case Description:

A database management software expert was sought for a copyright infringement and trade secret misappropriation suit involving database management systems and programs. The defendants were accused of stealing source and object code from a former employer before leaving to join a competitor. The database management software in question was IMS, or Information Management System software, which is a database management system originally developed over 35 years ago and which enables corporations to have multiple users access and update data simultaneously.

IMS ExpertServices™ was asked to locate a database management software expert in the forensic analysis of source code. The expert was expected to be a software engineer or software systems analyst with experience working with IMS software.

Experts Presented:

  • Software Development and Analysis

    This software development and analysis expert is a former educator and industry executive who now leads a software consulting firm. He serves as an expert witness in matters pertaining to computer software, including intellectual property, software development, and software valuation. He has extensive experience in the computer software industry and has analyzed different source codes as they relate to copyright infringement and trade secrets. He has achieved the IEEE Computer Society Software Development Professional Certification, or CSDP. IMS Reference #4975075

  • Database Architecture

    This expert in database architecture has more than 20 years of technology experience as a database architect and data warehouse designer. He has extensive experience with relational, object-oriented and distributed information systems. He is a former IBM employee whose responsibilities included providing a distributed architecture within a LAN or mainframe database and shared data warehouse systems architecture to integrate database applications using common GUI. IMS Reference #4989623

  • Database Management Software

    This database management software expert has been a software developer since 1980 with high profile computer industry firms. He has extensive database architecture experience working with IMS systems. He has expert witness experience including deposition and testimony for intellectual property cases. As an expert witness he has been involved in cases alleging copyright infringement and trade secrets expropriation and has done forensic source code analysis. IMS Reference #4978910

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Industry: All, Computing