Design Patent Expert in the Textile Industry

Case Description:

A design patent expert was requested for a patent infringement case involving consumer goods in the textile industry. The plaintiff was in the business of designing, selling, and importing a variety of textile products for high-end consumers. The plaintiff accused the defendant, who specialized in custom home furnishings, of patent infringement regarding design patents for its furniture line. Plaintiffs maintained that the defendant's line of home furnishings were purposefully designed with substantial similarities to its furniture and therefore infringed its patents.

IMS ExpertServices™ provided design patent experts with extensive intellectual property knowledge and experience who were knowledgeable of the legal standard for design patents to opine on the substantial similarities and possible infringement. The client preferred an expert with a connection to the textile industry or previous experience working within the USPTO who had examined fabrics, linens, and home furnishings.

Experts Presented:

  • Design Patent

    This design patent expert has years of experience as a patent attorney preceded by many years experience working as a patent examiner at the USPTO. She is uniquely qualified for this case as her undergraduate degree is in Textile Science and her work as a patent attorney is focused on design patents. Her expertise extends into Industrial Design, having examined patents covering textile machinery, apparel, and packaging. Her practice areas include trademark, patent, intellectual property valuation, and technology transfer. As an attorney she has given numerous opinions of counsel to clients on design patents, on the issues of infringement, validity and inequitable conduct.IMS Reference #4974884

  • Patent Examination Process

    With over two decades of experience as a design patent examiner, this design patent expert is retired from the USPTO and currently works as consultant to the consumer products industry on patent issues. While with the USPTO he worked in patent examination for the design patent group and often reviewed patents related to fabrics, textiles, and home furnishings. He is deeply familiar with the standards and procedures for examining and granting design patents and is frequently asked to opine on the legal standards for design patents.IMS Reference #4981913

  • Intellectual Property Law

    This design patent expert has thirty years experience as a patent attorney during which he held associations with the American Intellectual Property Law Association; Industrial Designers Society of America; The American Bar Association; and the International Trademark Association. He has a thorough knowledge of design patents with over 1000 cumulative patent prosecutions and filings. His expertise in the legal standards of intellectual property law is evidenced in numerous publications about design patents. He is an accomplished speaker regarding design patent protection.IMS Reference #4980707

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