Digital Printing Expert in Image Processing

Case Description:

A digital printing expert was sought for a patent infringement case involving image processing technology for digital half-toning or color separations. The plaintiff, a technology licensing company, held patents claiming an invention for digital color printing in which digital signal processing was used for continuous tone image information to produce halftone screens for use in a four color printing process.

IMS ExpertServices was asked to locate digital printing experts with expertise in digital image processing and color separation techniques. The ideal expert was someone knowledgeable in the field of color printing, color half-tone printing processes and digital signal processing with a background in the pre-press and printing businesses or digital imaging.

Experts Presented:

  • Computer Science Expert

    This computer science expert has been actively focused on digital printing as his area of specialization for over twenty years. His work has focused on the development of halftone theory and image processing. He has been the recipient of grants for the development of halftoning technologies from companies such as DuPont and Lexmark. His work on various approaches to monochrome and digital halftoning has been published extensively. He earned his Ph.D. and his M.S. in electrical engineering and is an IEEE Fellow. IMS Reference #5005198

  • Printing & Publishing Expert

    This printing and publishing expert is a well-known imaging expert with over 35 years experience using black and white and color imaging applications. He is president of a consulting and training firm that specializes in digital imaging and color management. His broad technical knowledge of color reproduction includes system wide color management and pre-press and press methods. He has an excellent understanding of color separations technology for digital printing. This expert has previous expert consultant experience in intellectual property litigation. IMS Reference #5005099

  • Digital Printing Expert

    With a long and distinguished career in the graphic arts, photography and printing industries, this digital printing expert is now a well-respected expert consultant and trainer specializing in digital imaging and color management. For the last several years, he has focused his efforts on color management. He has spearheaded implementation of color management techniques with the leading photographers, designers, prepress and printers in the country. He has a thorough understanding of the digital signal processing involved in the technology and has given seminars on digital imaging. IMS Reference #5005081

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