Display Technology Expert in Computer Monitors

Case Description:

A display technology expert was requested for a patent infringement matter involving computer display technology. The patent claimed technology for image processing and digital output. Specifically the patent technology allowed the user to adjust how the image displayed on the computer monitor via a graphical user interface.

IMS ExpertServices located display technology experts with expertise in computer monitors and strong electronic engineering backgrounds. The experts were needed to provide forensic analysis of the display technology, such as the integrated circuits used to control image processing and digital output.

Experts Presented:

  • Design Engineering Expert

    This display technology expert has over two decades of experience working in imaging systems technology. He has worked as a design engineer and technician developing circuit boards for video devices and graphics control hardware. He has written technical documentation for display electronics and has the skills necessary to read, interpret, and understand schematics and data sheets. This expert earned his degree in electrical engineering. He works with one of the leaders in plasma screen technology development. IMS Reference #5022180

  • Flat Panel Displays Expert

    This expert in display technology specializes in electronic hardware. He is an electronics engineer who has designed electronic hardware and user interfaces for communications technology, military vehicles, and consumer electronics. Currently he is focused on plasma display technology and holds three patents specific to display technology. This expert holds degrees in Computer Science and Engineering. He has previous experience as a litigation consultant in which he provided forensic engineering services. IMS Reference #502217

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