Drug Pricing Expert in Pharmaceutical Promotional Strategy

Case Description:

A drug pricing expert with experience in pharmaceutical promotional strategy, such as negotiating multi-product discounts or bundled rebates, was needed for a royalties dispute. The plaintiff was a medical research and treatment facility. The defendant was a biotechnology company. The dispute concerned royalty payments the defendant made to the plaintiff for two oncology drugs. Plaintiff alleged the defendant had underpaid royalties based on deductions it said were not permitted by the agreement.

IMS ExpertServices was asked to locate a drug pricing expert with experience negotiating multi-product pharmaceutical discounts and rebate agreements, known as bundling, between drug companies and health providers. The expert could be from either the supply side or the provider side but needed deep knowledge of pharmaceutical pricing practices and promotion strategies commonly associated with large, multi-product pharmaceutical drug purchases.

Experts Presented:

  • Pharmaceutical Sales

    This expert in pharmaceutical sales has more than 30 years of experience with pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical supply, and healthcare technology companies. He's filled a variety of sales and marketing roles in the pharmaceutical and medical device fields. His experience includes developing a contracting strategy that included a rebate structure for multiple product lines; developing processes to calculate and manage rebates for a bio-pharmaceutical company; and performing analytics and profitability analysis on discounted sales. He is an experienced expert witness who has offered depositions and trial testimony regarding pharmaceutical pricing, contracting, and bundling practices. IMS Reference #5003126

  • Pharmaceutical Marketing

    This pharmaceutical drug pricing expert has more than 20 years of experience in pharmaceutical marketing. He is recognized internationally as a leading expert on pharmaceutical economics and value-based strategies. He is a professor who teaches pharmacy administration and pharmaceutical marketing courses. He has also worked in the private sector directing pricing and economy policy at various pharmaceutical companies. This expert has conducted bundled and multi-client syndicate studies relating to pharmaceutical drug pricing and contracts. He is an experienced expert witness who has offered depositions and trial testimony regarding pharmaceutical marketing, pricing, and reimbursement issues. IMS Reference #1510939

  • Drug Pricing

    This expert in drug pricing has over 35 years of executive experience in pharmaceutical supply chain management. He began his career serving as director of purchasing for a health care management company, then became director of group purchasing for a number of such facilities. Later he was CEO of a health care group purchasing and expense management organization. This expert has a deep understanding of the medical product supply chain and of bundling and purchasing conventions for pharmaceutical products and other medical supplies. IMS Reference #5030354

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