EDI Protocol Expert in Patent Standards

Case Description:

An EDI protocol expert was needed to conduct a detailed investigation of the applicability of certain patents to published standards and to the products of other companies. The investigation required that the expert examine and compare patents to product literature and standards documents and apply technical expertise to formulate technical mapping of the relevant claims of the patents.
IMS ExpertServices was asked to find an EDI protocol expert with an information technology and Internet security background. The expert was expected to be knowledgeable in SSL and claim mapping and charting.

Experts Presented:

  • Wireless Telecommunications

    This wireless telecommunications expert is the chief technology officer of a mobile direct marketing service and has over 20 years of experience in wireless networks, having held research and development positions with several telecommunications companies. He is experienced in internet protocol multimedia subsystems (IMS) architecture and functionality, session initiation protocol (SIP), and intelligent network (IN) protocols. He is knowledgeable in cellular core network technology, including signaling, roaming protocols, location determination technologies, and intelligent network functionality. He directed the development of an IMS-based application and designed and implemented wireless intelligent network (WIN) based services. This expert holds an MBA, a BS in Industrial and Systems Engineering, and is a registered Professional Engineer. He has provided consulting and litigation support for numerous wireless telecommunications cases and is experienced in patent portfolio analysis and patent mapping.  IMS Reference #1217894

  • Payment Systems

    A twenty plus year veteran in the financial services industry, this payment systems expert specializes in loss prevention, risk management, e-commerce transactional technology, EFTACH, ECP, wire transfers, ATM, and payment processing. His expertise includes electronic check presentment, check imaging, operations and industry strategy, Internet payment alternatives, and risk avoidance profiles. From his long career in the banking industry, this expert has additional expertise in loss prevention, regulatory compliance, and banking operations. Additionally, he is a patent holder in the field of e-commerce.  IMS Reference #4995988

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