Electrical Engineering Expert in Semiconductor Design

Case Description:

An electrical engineering expert with a strong background in semiconductor design was needed for a patent infringement action before the International Trade Commission. The patent was regarding the design of a multistage gate structure for a flash memory chip. The chip was designed to remedy a problem with mechanical stress in previous EPROM (Electrically Programmable Read Only Memory) and EEPROM (Electrically Erasable and Programmable Read Only Memory) chips.

The key design elements were the first gate electrodes, called Floating Gate electrodes, and a second gate electrode, called a Control Gate electrode. The gates are basically switches that allow current to run up to the Floating Gate and set the chip state to either a 1 (data stored) or a 0 (data not stored) state. IMS ExpertServices was asked to locate an electrical engineering expert with a specialty in semiconductor design and fabrication.

Experts Presented:

  • Semiconductor Technology

    This electrical engineering expert joined a major telecommunications company’s Semiconductor Products Division as a semiconductor device specialist and was especially active in the area of power semiconductor devices and high-voltage breakdown devices. His technical responsibilities included studies of physical phenomenon in bulk semiconductor and thin film active and passive structures, p-n junction studies, and development of new device structures and concepts. He holds twenty-four patents in the area of solid-state devices with several more pending. He is adept at computer simulation of semiconductor devices and statistical design of experiments for problem solving and device design. This expert retired and began his career as an engineering and patent law consultant, primarily in the area of power semiconductor devices.IMS Reference #5000885

  • Semiconductor Technology

    This expert in electrical engineering retired from a major telecommunications company’s Semiconductor Product Sector after a distinguished 28-year career as a key member of the company's technology team. He joined the Semiconductor Products Division as a product development engineer for NMOS metal gate oxide semiconductors. He worked for ten years in product and device development in the Research & Development Laboratory. He was an early pioneer in developing technology that embedded NVM memory (EPROM and EEPROM) into logic devices. He was an early adopter of refractory gate technology within logic processes to improve device performance. These techniques were successfully used to enhance the performance of the 68020/30/40 family of microprocessors.IMS Reference #5001026

  • Microelectronics

    This semiconductor design expert, located by IMS Expert Services, received his B.S. degree in mechanical engineering and his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in physics. His current research is in the areas of materials and processing science for interconnect and packaging applications. He holds ten U.S. Patents in microelectronics technology. He has edited six books and published extensively in the area of thin films and materials science for microelectronics. He is a recipient of the Semiconductor Research Corporation’s Inventor Recognition Award.IMS Reference #5001125

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