Electronic Payment Systems Expert in Bill Validation Devices

Case Description:

An electronic payment systems expert was sought for a patent infringement action involving bill validation devices for casino gaming devices. The patent involved technology which utilized a barcode scanner to read bar coded tickets common to the casino gaming industry. By incorporating a photoelectronic scanner as well as magnetic and optic sensors, the machine is able to validate bar coded documents as well as bills.

IMS ExpertServices was asked to locate electronic payment systems experts with a strong mechanical engineering background. Experience working with bill validation devices was especially valuable. Additionally, the client requested an expert with experience working in the vending machine or casino gaming industries.

Experts Presented:

  • Circuit Design Expert

    This circuit design expert has over 15 years of mechanical engineering experience with 12 years of specialized experience in bill validators and acceptors, coin mechanisms and cashless devices. His primary expertise is in the field of digital circuit design, specifically embedded micro controllers. This expert has developed software for networking bill validation devices to computerized electronics and holds patents for electronic payment systems technology. He holds advanced degrees in engineering and computer science. IMS Reference #5009744

  • Mechanical Engineering Expert

    An expert in electronic payment systems, this mechanical engineering expert has more than 30 years of experience in mechanical engineering and vending machine design. His career has included work for the vending machine and gaming industries working as a product engineer on coin changers and gaming bill validation devices. As an expert witness, he has been deposed in two cases involving vending machines. This expert holds a BSME and is a licensed professional engineer. Additionally, he holds ten patents for electronic payment systems. IMS Reference #5014180

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