Electronic Publishing Expert in e-Commerce Valuation

Case Description:

An expert in electronic publishing was needed for patent infringement litigation involving use of an XML management system for delivery of archived information. Both parties were engaged in e-publishing as online resource centers for business professionals. Both provided access to archived information via their websites and supported the sites through subscriptions and online advertising.

IMS ExpertServices was asked to locate an electronic publishing expert to conduct a business valuation of subscription based e-commerce. The expert was requested to opine on pricing structures for website subscription services to online resource centers and e-publishing. Therefore, the expert was required to be familiar with online publishing products and services, how online services bundle and sell their products, and the pricing structure for those products and services.

Experts Presented:

  • e-Publishing Expert

    This electronic publishing expert helped create a website which provides free information and resources for legal marketing professionals and law firms. With a long history of e-publishing experience, he is very familiar with pricing structures and revenue from subscription services and online advertising. He understands the value of online resources, especially in the area of litigation support. He has not previously worked as an expert witness but is a frequent speaker at conferences within the online publishing industry.IMS Reference #5009104

  • e-Publishing Expert

    This e-publishing expert established one of the premier websites for legal professionals. She has been recognized throughout the industry for her contributions to the online legal community and in web publishing. She developed one of the first webzines targeted to the legal research community; it quickly became a reliable online resource for web-based applications, tools, services, links and related information invaluable to legal researchers. This expert has authored many articles on legal technology topics, delivered numerous presentations at professional conferences nationwide, and worked for over two decades as a legal technologist. IMS Reference #5009452

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