Electronics Expert in Human Computer Interface

Case Description:

An electronics expert in human computer interface was needed for a patent infringement dispute involving the asserted unlicensed use and sale of certain alleged infringing consumer electronics by a global consumer product sales and marketing company.

IMS ExpertServices was asked to locate an electronics expert in human computer interface with a background in electrical engineering and expertise in designing remote controls for audio-visual (A/V) devices. This expert was requested to have knowledge of human computer interface involving how the navigation switch interfaces with the electronics to manipulate a cursor on a screen.

Experts Presented:

  • Human Computer Interface Expert

    With extensive experience in high-end remote controls and electronic technology, this expert is founder and president of a product engineering and consulting firm specializing in human computer interface. Knowledgeable of switch based directional controls used in gaming controllers, audio-visual (A/V) remote controls, and computer cursor controls, this expert’s area of expertise is in personal computer input device architecture, standards, and device drivers, including the history and evolution of the technology. His product engineering company boasts the world’s largest collection of input devices and input device prior art. He has a B.A. degree in Instrumentation, a special program in computer based control systems, from one of the world’s leading research technology institutes. IMS Reference #5010341 .

  • Electronics Patent Litigation Expert

    This expert has more than two decades of experience in various areas of electronics and electronic systems design, consumer electronics, and internet electronics. This expert’s area of expertise is in firmware and man-machine-interface (MMI). He is currently a business consultant and expert witness in various electronics fields, and is the creator of dozens of consumer, commercial, and industrial products. This expert has worked for a variety of electronics and engineering manufacturing and/or consulting companies, and his experience includes products involving remote controls. He has personally invented dozens of differing types of remote controls designed for many environments, including internal firmware and associated software on the receiving side. This expert holds a degree in Electrical Engineering. IMS Reference #5072158.

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