Engineering Expert for Patent Consulting

Case Description:

An engineering expert with patent consulting experience was needed for a patent infringement case. The plaintiff was a manufacturer of loading dock equipment for the materials handling industry. The defendant was a manufacturer of dock levelers. Plaintiff alleged infringement of patents covering methods of raising and lowering the ramp on a dock leveler and other material handling technologies.

IMS ExpertServices was charged with finding an independent engineering expert witness who held an advanced degree in mechanical, industrial or general engineering; who had experience with dock leveler technology or other heavy machinery arts; who had experience with patent leveraging; and who had previous experience consulting as an expert witness on patent infringement matters.

Experts Presented:

  • Product Design

    As the named inventor on over 60 patents, this product design expert has vast experience with the engineering of new equipment. Although his product design experience spans multiple industries, he specializes in hydraulically operated equipment, industrial equipment and trucking equipment. Since he began consulting over 25 years ago, he has assisted companies with the patent process and provided expert witness services to defend such patents. IMS Reference #1218034

  • Structural Design Engineering

    This structural engineering expert has more than 25 years of experience as a design engineer, consultant and college instructor. He has offered litigation consulting on engineering matters in a number of industries including energy, construction, industrial machinery, and material handling. This expert specializes in analyzing the physical stresses that arise in a product under various loading and environmental conditions and engineering to avoid structural failure. He has extensive experience with heavy machinery and has worked on a project involving dock loading. He has been deposed and offered trial testimony as an expert witness on matters requiring his structural engineering expertise. IMS Reference #5012871

  • Mechanical Engineering

    This mechanical engineering expert has 20 years of corporate, academic, and consulting experience. He is an associate professor of engineering who has served as program director of engineering technology. In the private sector he was project manager at an industrial engineering firm, where he developed new products for the material handling industry. This expert holds several dock leveler patents. His research interests include product development and safety and productivity evaluations for loading dock equipment. He is an experienced expert witness who has offered depositions and trial testimony on various matters, including cases involving dock leveler design. IMS Reference #5012883

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