Expert Pharmacologist for Patent Process Consultation

Case Description:

An expert pharmacologist was sought for pre-litigation consultation involving a time-release formulation for opioid drugs. The client was a pharmaceutical research and development company which had filed a New Drug Application with the FDA. The patent claimed a drug formulation for the time-release of opioid drugs for pain management.

IMS ExpertServices was asked to provide expert pharmacologists with a Ph.D. in pharmaceutical science, pharmacokinetics, or a similar degree who had experience in drug formulation. It was expected the expert would be familiar with the patent process and the FDA approval process, and have previous testimony experience.

Experts Presented:

  • Drug Design Expert

    This expert pharmacologist is internationally known for his research in drug discovery, delivery, and development. He has authored hundreds of peer-reviewed research articles and symposium abstracts and holds over 100 patents. He has founded four start-up drug discovery companies, some of which now have drug candidates in advanced clinical development. This expert has served as an expert witness including providing testimony in deposition. IMS Reference #5027646

  • Pharmacokinetics Expert

    This expert pharmacologist is a chair and tenured professor of pharmaceutical sciences at a large university. He has previously held positions with the American Pharmaceutical Association and the National Institutes of Health. He holds a bachelor's degree in pharmacy from Columbia University and his M.S. in pharmacy and his Ph.D. in pharmacy-pharmacokinetics. He has substantial experience as an expert witness, providing testimony at deposition on ten occasions and at trial on three occasions. He has been an expert consultant to Congress, the FDA, and the EPA. IMS Reference #5018560

  • Pharmaceutical Development Expert

    This expert pharmacologist spent 16 years with Pharmacia & Upjohn. He has authored over 80 publications and presentations on intellectual property, pharmaceutics, pharmacy education, and the history of pharmacy. His personal research interests include dose form design, microencapsulation and other sustained release delivery systems. This expert has substantial experience with patents and providing his expert opinion to clients and their legal counsel. IMS Reference #5018555

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