FHA Loan Expert in Utility Easements

Case Description:

An FHA loan expert with utility easement expertise was needed for a constructive condemnation case. The plaintiff filed in U.S. District Court to obtain an easement that would allow it to install and maintain a natural gas pipeline. The defendants were local property owners. They hired a real estate appraiser, who opined that the Federal Housing Administration would not secure building loans within 100 yards of a storage facility, creating large no build zones on the defendants’ property and rendering it unusable for development.

IMS ExpertServices was asked to locate an expert in FHA lending requirements with knowledge of FHA regulations regarding utility easements, particularly for natural gas pipelines.

Experts Presented:

  • FHA Loan Expert

    This FHA loan expert started his career as a mortgage loan officer and is now a consultant to the residential mortgage lending industry. His consulting work covers the complete Federal Housing Administration approval process and preparation for FHA loan audits. He has also acted as an FHA lender, processing and closing FHA and VA loans. This expert has published on FHA lending topics. He is familiar with every aspect of the residential mortgage and building industry, including loans on lots with utility easements and no build zones. IMS Reference #4980268

  • Real Estate Valuation Expert

    This real estate appraisal expert has over 25 years of appraisal experience. He specializes in stigma loss and procuring cause issues. He has offered expert consulting as an appraiser for construction defects, water intrusion, airport noise, soil subsidence, contamination, condemnation, utility easements, environmental issues, undisclosed future freeways, and other areas of diminution in value. This expert has published extensively on real estate appraisal topics and is an experienced expert witness. IMS Reference #5011632

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