Fiber Optics Expert in Telecommunication Networks

Case Description:

A fiber optics expert was needed for a dispute between property owners and a local utility company over the installation of fiber optic lines for the purpose of selling and leasing for profit dark fiber. Dark fiber is a telecommunications industry term for fiber optic lines yet to be used within cables that have been already laid. The term was originally used for the potential network capacity of telecommunication infrastructure, but now also refers to the increasingly common practice of leasing fiber optic cables from a network service provider. In this case a third party paid for the utility company to install a fiber optic network across the landowners’ property, which the plaintiffs maintained exceeded the easement grant.

IMS ExpertServices was asked to locate a fiber optics expert in telecommunication networks with expertise in the sale or leasing of dark fiber. The expert was also required to have experience in real estate disputes, specifically conflicts involving rights of way issues and unauthorized use of easements.

Experts Presented:

  • Telecommunications Networks

    This telecommunication network expert has served as a leader in the design, specification and implementation of state-of-the-art telecommunication systems, including the deployment and management of major telecommunications voice, data and fiber optic networks. During his career he has helped clients with rights of way issues and unauthorized use of easements and network infrastructure. He has considerable experience as an expert witness including testimony before The Federal Communications Commission. He has also acted an expert in several cases involving fiber optics and fiber optic carriers. He holds a Masters Degree in Telecommunications from the University of Colorado. IMS Reference #1196724

  • Fiber Optics

    This fiber optics expert has extensive experience in the telecommunications industry and has conducted numerous projects addressing both telecommunications enterprise economics and technology. He has served as a consultant to telecommunications and public utilities including a project in which a natural gas pipeline company wanted to deploy and sell fiber optic cables along its inter-city rights-of-way. He has extensive expert witness experience including testifying before legislative bodies on public policy matters, including the nature and extent of competition in the telecommunications, broadcast, and high technology industries. IMS Reference #2200816

  • Telecommunications Industry

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