Financial Economics Expert in Securities Fraud

Case Description:

A financial economics expert was needed for a stockholder class action securities fraud case. The plaintiff was a global enterprise and the defendant was a mobile satellite communications manufacturer. The plaintiff claimed that the defendant distorted their stock trading price with falsely optimistic public disclosures. The plaintiff claimed to have overpaid for their stock while the price was artificially inflated. At issue was whether damages were incurred by purchasing this stock and whether the price exceeded the actual value of the stock.

IMS ExpertServices™ was asked to locate a financial economics expert with experience in securities fraud. The expert needed to have a background in the stock market, with specific knowledge of 10b-5 fraud-on-the-market cases. The expert would opine on the market bounce of the defendant's stock and the damages incurred by the stockholders.

Experts Presented:

  • Finance & Economy Expert

    This finance and economy expert provides financial consulting in the areas of international finance and banking, corporate finance, and financial economics. He served on the nomination committee for the Noble Prize in Economics, has been on the board of academic consultants, and was a research advisor for a number of Federal Reserves. He taught MBA courses as a professor of international business and finance and has executive teaching experience around the globe. He has provided financial consulting as a visiting scholar at a multitude of banks and universities. This expert has worked on a large number of cases and has prepared 25 expert reports, given testimony in trial five times and in deposition over 20 times. IMS Reference #4978860

  • Financial Economics Expert

    This financial economics expert is the senior vice president of an international firm of economists where she directs projects in the areas of securities and corporate finance, specializing in cases involving securities fraud, stock swaps and 10b-5 fraud-on-the-market. With a Ph.D. in Economics from an Ivy League university, she developed a format to estimate the number of affected shares in securities class actions. Her valuation work includes valuing lost earnings for a securities firm and a stock exchange. In broker-dealer disputes, she has consulted on churning, suitability, and measure of damages sustained by the investors. This expert has examined issues of market efficiency, class certification, liability, materiality and damages in more than 200 stockholder class actions. IMS Reference #4978855

  • Securities Fraud Expert

    This securities fraud expert specializes in securities valuation, solvency analysis, and measure of damages in stockholder class action securities fraud. He developed a two-trader model and a settlement model for use in 10b-5 fraud-on-the-market cases. His writings and teaching have focused on analysis and valuation of fixed income securities, complex derivative products, mortgage-backed securities, and asset-backed securities. He has written several books on financial economics. He has testimony experience as an expert in valuation and corporate finance in federal and state court and in arbitration and mediation proceedings. He provides litigation support services for matters involving securities fraud, broker raiding, breach of contract, and other financial issues. IMS Reference #3336520

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