Fixed Income Securities Expert in Subprime Mortgages

Case Description:

A fixed income securities expert in subprime mortgages was needed for a class action suit. The plaintiffs were individuals who obtained subprime second mortgage loans from a mortgage company. When the mortgage company filed for bankruptcy, plaintiffs sought damages from the defendant, a securitization company that purchased the subprime second mortgage loans from the mortgage company, securitized them, and sold them to investors as fixed income securities. Plaintiffs claim they were charged improper and excessive fees on the subprime second mortgage loans, in violation of state law.

IMS ExpertServices was asked to find fixed income securities experts who were familiar with the processes for the securitization of subprime loans. The selected expert had to opine on the level of due diligence a securitization company is responsible for regarding whether a lender may have violated state laws during the lending process.

Experts Presented:

  • Mortgage Backed Securities Expert

    This fixed income securities expert offers business and capital markets consultation services. He was commissioned to perform a feasibility study regarding the development of commercial mortgage-backed securities markets abroad. This expert has experience in the fixed income securities department of a major Wall Street investment banking firm, where his primary focus was development of structured finance strategies for clients involved in mortgage backed securities. He has offered depositions and trial testimony on matters requiring his fixed income securities expertise. IMS Reference #1214141

  • Asset Backed Securities Expert

    This fixed income securities expert is a professor of finance who has consulted with numerous clients involved in the mortgage backed and asset-backed securities markets. She has written extensively on credit securitization topics and edited journals and books that focus on corporate finance and securitization. This expert has designed and taught classes on asset backed and other fixed income securities. Her current research on securitization of insurance policies has garnered much interest. IMS Reference #5012227

  • Fixed Income Market Expert

    This fixed income securities expert has more than 23 years of experience in the financial market as a fixed income securities specialist, consultant, and strategist. His expertise includes complex security structure and valuation, portfolio strategy, suitability, and risk assessment. His clients have included government agencies and institutional investors. Previously this expert assisted institutional money managers in the management of complex fixed income securities including collateralized mortgage obligations and asset backed securities. He has worked as an expert in high-profile fixed income litigation matters during the last ten years. IMS Reference #5018463

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