Flash Memory Expert in Circuit Design

Case Description:

An expert in flash memory cells was needed for intellectual property litigation between semiconductor fabrication and microelectronics companies. At issue in the case was a patent claiming intelligent programming techniques in circuit design for multiple memory states in flash memory cells. Flash memory cells are used in memory storage cards for consumer electronics such as digital cameras, cell phones, and MP3 players.

IMS ExpertServices™ was asked to locate flash memory experts with an electrical engineering background and circuit design experience, preferably working with flash memory or multi-level memory cells. The expert was requested for a forensic analysis and to opine on the technology involved.

Experts Presented:

  • Microelectronics Expert

    This flash memory expert is recognized as an expert in embedded microprocessor technology. He began his career in the semiconductor industry, serving as a senior applications engineer of microprocessor and flash memory products for a major player in the semiconductor industry. Additionally, he holds several patents related to flash memory architecture and implementations. This expert received his B.S. degree in electrical engineering and is active in the microelectronics industry. He has experience as an expert witness in previous cases where extensive patent review was required.IMS Reference #4995241

  • Circuit Design

    This expert in flash memory has been very successful in the research and development of flash memory products. He began his career in the semiconductor industry working on EPROM design before going on to work on Flash memory design. He is currently working on advanced circuit design and memory technology development. This expert holds 20 patents in the field of non-volatile memories and has authored numerous technical papers on circuit design.IMS Reference #4995200

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